light in the dark / google


Light in the Dark is an immersive product experience designed as part of Google's first-ever pop up shop; where they launched their new range of hardware products in New York City in October 2016.

Light in the Dark is a magical fiber optic forest that creates an immersive and other-worldly environment that visitors can move throughout, explore, and above all… take amazing selfies in. This experience was designed to showcase the new Pixel phone’s superior low-light camera; allowing visitors to compare their selfies taken with the new Pixel phone and with their current phone.

The approach to this project was one of constant experimentation and materials research. Part of what made the installation so successful from a production standpoint was a close working relationship with manufacturers and suppliers. 

Client: Hirsch & Mann
Location: New York City, US
Duration: 07 - 10/2016
Materials: Fiber optics, LEDs, other
Role: Industrial design, project management, installation coordination
Photography: Kristopher Grunert / Hirsch & Mann